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Dr Yadav Sharma Bajagai is ALA scholar from Intake 2009. Before accepting his scholarship, he was a Livestock Development Officer with the Nepal Agriculture and Food Security Project in the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives. 

He completed a Master of Animal Studies at The University of Queensland.

 “I am extremely enthusiastic in being a part of the socio-economic transformation of the country.” says Dr Bajagai. “My Australian Leadership Award Scholarship helped me develop my competence and confidence to be part of the change I want to see in my country and the world. Networking with a wide variety of people and organisations is one of the most significant achievements of my scholarship.” 

While pursuing his Masters program, Dr Bajagai also had the opportunity to participate in a Queensland Government research project in a very modern and sophisticated laboratory.  The project aimed to reduce methane emission from ruminant animals by using methane oxidizing bacteria from the environment and the gastrointestinal tract of herbivores such as kangaroos. Dr Bajagai believes this could be a breakthrough in reducing greenhouse gas emissions if it can be confirmed by further research and exploited accordingly. 

Currently, Dr Bajagai is involved in designing a USD58 million project, funded by the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program trust fund and supervised by the World Bank. The project’s goal is to reduce poverty and improve sustainable household food security. If this can be achieved, it will strengthen Nepal’s national economy. 

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