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Neeti Aryal, a lecturer at the Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology at Tribhuvan University, Nepal, was an ALA awardee from Intake 2008. She completed a Masters of Arts at Monash University, specialising in women’s studies. Her Master’s thesis explored motherhood experiences of Maoist women in armed conflict in Nepal.

On completing her studies in August 2009, Neeti joined the Department of Conflict, Peace and Development Studies as faculty member where she designed a unit on gender, conflict and development.  Shortly afterwards she started as a part time lecturer at the Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology, Tribhuvan University. 

Since August 2010, Neeti has been actively involved in the Alliance for Peace, Education and Development, Nepal; an organisation working with religious leaders of different faiths and traditions to promote child rights in Nepal. Since July 2011, Neeti has also been researching reproductive health and motherhood experiences of disabled women in Nepal. This research is supported by Harka Gurung Research Fellowship, and managed by the Social Inclusion Research Fund, SNV Netherlands.

“Receiving an Australian Leadership Awards Scholarship was one of the biggest achievements of my life.” says Neeti. “The Australian degree has not only equipped me with updated and practically-oriented knowledge, but has also boosted my confidence in my chosen field. Since my return, I believe I have been utilizing my expertise and contributing to the development of my nation by creating awareness about issues related to women, conflict and activism.” 

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