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Rajendra Adhikari was a Planning Officer at the Agriculture Development Office before successfully applying for an ADS scholarship in 2005. On his return  to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives as a senior Agricultural Economist, he successfully applied again for an ALA scholarship in 2009.

Rajendra believes his study program in Australia helped equip him with high-level academic knowledge, while his overall learning experience increased his confidence and changed his personal perspectives, allowing him to master a competitive working environment and open the doors to career growth. He was fascinated by the Australian education system, which seemed to focus on effective learning, with students taking the initiative on different aspects of the learning process. The flexibility of the curriculum, with many electives, was something he found new and fascinating.

According to Rajendra, living and studying in Australia is an exhilarating experience. The hospitability shown to international students by Australians is very much appreciated. After he completed his Masters and returned to Nepal, he actively contributed to projects dealing with commercial agricultural development and agricultural commercialised trade. He attributed his achievements and successes to the knowledge he gained from Australia and his exposure to networks of agricultural scientists. 

He is an inspiration and an example to Nepali citizens for his excellence and vision in contributing to various developments in Nepal’s agricultural sectors.

Rajendra Adhikari is currently pursuing a PhD in Agribusiness at the University of Queensland. His ability to clearly express his aspirations and commitment to the development of Nepal helped him access this Doctorate. He encourages others seeking higher education to apply for Australia Awards Scholarships, citing how they changed his life and career for the better.

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