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Australia Awards

The Australia Awards aim to promote knowledge, education links and enduring ties between Australia and our neighbours through Australia's extensive scholarship programs. Over time, they will build a new generation of global leaders with strong links to Australia.

The Australia Awards brings the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE) scholarships together under the Australia Awards program.

More information on Australia Awards [external website]

Australia Awards Scholarships

The Australia Awards Scholarships are an important component of Australia’s investment in education—the flagship of the Australian aid program. They have been an important component of the Australian Government’s efforts to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development since the 1950s.They provide long term study and professional development opportunities to citizens from developing countries around the globe in line with bilateral and regional agreements. 


Australia Awards Scholarships are administered by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. They are targeted to provide enhanced leadership, knowledge and technical skills to partner governments, tertiary institutions and strategic organisations that are driving sustainable development.

In previous years these scholarships were known as Australian Development Scholarships.

The Australia Awards Scholarships aim to:

  • develop capacity and leadership skills so that individuals can contribute to development in their home countries
  • build people-to-people links at individual, institutional and country levels.

In South Asia, they provide opportunities for people from developing countries to undertake full time undergraduate or postgraduate study at participating Australian universities.

The study and research opportunities provided by Australia Awards Scholarships develop skills and knowledge of individuals to drive change and contribute to the development outcomes of their own countries.

Applicants who accept an Australia Awards Scholarship sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia declaring they will comply with the conditions of the scholarship.

Awardees are required to return to their home country and contribute to the development for a minimum of two years after completing their scholarship. Failure to do so will result in the awardee incurring a debt for the total accrued cost of their scholarship.

To ensure equity and broad participation, applications are encouraged from women, people with disability, ethnic minorities, people living in rural areas and members of socio-economically disadvantaged groups.

General information on Awards benefits and living in Australia is set out in the Awards overview. More information, including applicant eligibility criteria can be found at: Australia Awards Scholarships

Alumni Associations

Australia Awards alumni networks facilitate strong and enduring links to Australia. The networks facilitate ongoing exchanges of knowledge and continuing friendships amongst alumni.

Coffey International Development 

Coffey International Development (Coffey) is an Australian public company that manages international aid programs. 

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade contracted Coffey (http://coffey.com) to administer the Australia Awards South Asia on its behalf. There are Coffey Offices in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka to support the program and advise applicants.

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